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Day 27 3 14

Chel stared at Lexx, thoughts of his previous battles and his adversaries in each of them.  This was not going to be easy. “What’s the gauntlet?”  Vic had a good idea of what it would be, given the name, but this was also a good distraction from the additional pressures that were obviously weighing on Lexx.  They weren’t important when there were far more important and immediate concerns that needed to be dealt with. “One of those things Lexx didn’t ask for.”  Stealth replied, head low and concern written all over her face, then she began explaining what it was and Lexx let her, relieved he didn’t have to say it.

9 thoughts on “Day 27 3 14

  1. This strikes me as an apt blue pill/red pill moment for Victor… A chance to find out what this Wonderland is really like.

  2. Well, glad they can spend Lexxs remaining hours… Explaining it all to Vic.

    1. Wouldn’t take too long if they do it the right way?

      “Vic…remember that movie “The Running Man?” Well Lexx is Arnold.”

      1. Rather appropriate comparison too. The ADC cheats just like the show.

        Lex probably shouldn’t delay anyway. I assume the place where the Gauntlet is to take place isn’t far away, but you can bet the challengers are all lined up already and chomping at the bit to get a piece of him.

        I wonder if Riley’s sister will be among them….Then again, we have no idea how long the ADC had a mimic replace her…for all we know, she could have been replaced at childhood.

        1. More likely when she went to meet what’s his face for an arranged marriage meeting.

          You know, that little tiny plot point that was barely mentioned? Kade said she came back ecstatic about the guy. Later, we see the guy, and he said she had rejected him outright.

  3. Vic is going to feel pretty terrible about some of the stuff he’s said in a bit.

  4. I eagerly look forward to the text on this one!

  5. Vic may be asking, but somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if he could be making some educated guesses about what it is in his head while still being foggy on the the details.

    Considering this event has such a high mortality rate for both Dice and their Dice owner, I’m wondering if that also is a threat the challengers as well?

  6. I know everyone one else is commenting about the Gauntlet… but I must say I LOVE Stealth/Mittens in that last panel. Her expression is just so perfect. Tragic. But perfect.

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