“There are a few outside the system, but not many.”  Chel mentally went down the list.  It was a short list and none of them would have any reason to go after Lexx, even if they were offered money.

“We don’t do our jobs for the pay.”  Keith beamed proudly. “We do it because it’s awesome.”

“Working for people who want to trap Lexx?”  Chel raised an eyebrow in Keith’s direction.

“That’s not standard policy, Chel, I swear.”  Keith waved his hands in the air, deflecting the accusation.

Lexx sighed at the two humans and all this new information they were giving him.  There was some threat there, but it didn’t seem to be anything he couldn’t handle simply by leaving the area.  If he didn’t have to fight, he didn’t want to.

“They can’t hold me.”  Lexx smiled.

“Please don’t give them an opportunity to try to, Lexx.”  Chel gave him a worried look that bordered on frustration.  She was more worried for Lexx than he was.

“I don’t intend to.”  Lexx shrugged, his smile widening.


The few outside the system… those are the ones I have the most notes on and they bounce around in my head.   It was nice to at least let them get mentioned, but now they’ll all go back in the box, except for one, who did not agree with me.  Speaking of misbehaving characters, Chel’s mother is a brat.

– Tiff