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Day 27 5 21

Kade leaned down to address Mel, “For future reference, please do not run through doors.” Mel gave him an embarrassed grin, gleeful to be standing in front of another alien. “Some times there are walls on the other side,… or me.”

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  1. “As he spoke, his eyes betrayed his cold exterior. In that moment, I knew he was hurting, and I knew I could heal him. Our eyes met, and I knew it was love. He needed me, that much was clear.”

    Kade leaned over to Vic and whispered, “What is she doing?” Vic sighed. “I don’t know what she’s been reading this time, but when I find it, I am burning it. By the way, you might want to watch your hair. She likes to steal bits of it sometimes.”

    “As the two men’s eyes met, they understood. One, a hurting man, afraid of love, but longing for a gentle touch. The other was world weary, tired and cynical from years of toil. They needed an escape. They needed love.”

    I’m sorry, Tiff. I giggled while writing this, and the idea that mel is a fan of terrible, trashy romance novels- you know the type, poorly written, terrible motivations, bad ideas, etc- and likes to narrate her fantasies makes me laugh.

    I’m fond of characters who narrate out loud. They amuse me.

    1. “With you one the other side, I would run through any wall…” Said Mel as she leaned back, swooning. “But, even from across the room, she could see in the cold, resentful eyes of the woman encased in her own icy heart…she wanted him!” Chill began to slowly back into the portal again. “It was with cold acceptance she realized…she would freeze his heart! She wiped away icicles as she left him to…her.” Mel gave up any pretense of romance and began cackling. Only to look up with an empty room around her. But she could see this room had spent many years….alone.

      I’m sorry I just can’t stop.

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