“Riley, bite your tongue.  This was your plan.”  Kade abruptly broke into Riley’s relay, where he was having a mental hissy fit, complete with some colorful swearing.

“You hijacked my plan, Dad?”  Riley faced off against his father’s grinning mental avatar.

“They were my contacts.”  Kade stated, the smile still plastered on his face.  It was that irritating smile that was all too familiar to Riley, when his father or mother had successfully outmaneuvered him and managed something he had not been able to.  “I simply made a few adjustments.”

Riley stewed for a moment longer, then his shoulders slumped in resignation.  This wasn’t about him.  This was about saving Lexx and his father was better at this game than he was.

“I’m sorry I went behind our back, but it was for Lexx.”  Riley offered up a half apology.

“We won’t have to worry about Lexx much longer.”

The words sent a chill up Riley’s spine, even though they had come from his own father and he knew for certain he would never do anything to harm Lexx.  There was just something about the way he phrased it.  Riley shook it off.  It was just a poor choice of words.  Nothing else.