Time passed slowly and the land whale did not move.  It continued basking in the early sunlight, not bothering to reposition as Lexx locked his wings into position to catch the steady wind blowing off the ocean.  It didn’t take a lot of effort to remain aloft, but his position was adjusted by changes in the wind so that he didn’t remain in exactly the same place.

With ten minutes to go, Seelie checked the time and slid his dataplate into a pocket.  With a wave of his hand, he activated a control screen within his pod and began scrolling through data.

“Time to wrap up, Nebula.”




Ok, so this was a bad idea. 😀 This whole, let’s update full pages instead of cutting them up. 😀 However, I’m just having a hard time because my time was cut short repeatedly every week for the past several weeks. I’m slowly making forward progress and think that for these pages, I’m going to stick to full pages for battles, unless I can neatly sever them. I may shuffle the schedule a little bit too, once I get that text caught up. I need to rebuild my buffer and that’s not happening at this moment with these pages. I hope you’ve noticed a shift in how I’m doing things, since I’ve been using human model references more. 😉 The Handy and Pose Tools that are on my Note. I also made an adjustment to the wings, but I think I need to revisit that for a tiny bit more accuracy. It’s very darn hard to remember which direction the wings lay, so at the moment, they’re just opposite directions depending on if you’re looking at the front or back. 😀

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