Seelie landed his pod a few feet away and stepped out onto the sand.  Lexx walked up to him as protocol dictated to accept his win.  His thoughts were a whirl of questions he figured would never be answered.

“These modifiers, Nebula, and Wavechaser are yours now, along with another gift that will arrive later.”  Seelie held out a trio of dice to Lexx.  It wasn’t often that dice were offered from the loser.  It was a gesture that was only carried out by players who genuinely admired their opponent and after a difficult battle.

This was not one of those situations.  Lexx glared at the dice.  “I don’t need any more dice.”

“Ok, I’ll keep Nebula, but you are to give Chaser to your human girl.”  Seelie offered the dice again.

There was a nudge on Lexx’s relay, telling him to take the dice.   He could only assume it was coming from Seelie, even though Lexx was blocking all relay conversation.

“Ok,”  Lexx agreed, unsure of Seelie’s motives and still confused by the whole encounter.  “I’m not sure what she’s going to do with one.  Thank you.”  Lexx accepted the dice and pocketed them.  He would have to talk to the dice inside before giving it to Chel.