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Day 28 12

“Is she just going to stare at me like that the entire time?” Damian suddenly spoke up from a few feet away. He had spent the last few minutes moving around nervously with Chill following after him. Her eyes were fixated on him and she had a goofy grin spread across her face. “Chill, please mind your manners.” Vic glanced over his shoulder and gave her a long-suffering look. “But his ears are so cute!” Chill trilled in delight clapping her hands together in front of her mouth. “Like a puppy!” Damian’s face went blank, unsure of how to respond to that statement and feeling very perplexed at this turn of events and unwanted attention. The sairah was beginning to understand Lexx’s definition of personal space that he had offered so many times to him.

4 thoughts on “Day 28 12

  1. Yes, Tiff! Wonderful! I love seeing Damian like this!

  2. I DONT CARE! I SHIP IT! Maybe. Well not really but for some reason I do. Fangirl complex.

  3. Yes Damian. This is how Lexx feels when you do things like that.

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