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Day 28 12

The observation lift was a large, metal floating deck big enough for a crowd of people. There were only eight on board and it felt empty. It was oblong and completely enclosed. The floor was a matte silver and looked like a single sheet of material. There were no visible walls. The pod was encased in a clear glasslike substance that also seemed as though it were a single piece. A strip of metal wrapped around the exterior of the see through walls and thicker bands arced over it, forming an exterior framework. Chel couldn’t help but feel like she was inside a large soap bubble. The observation lift floated over the sandy beach, about twenty feet above it. Everything was so peaceful and serene. Chel bit her lower lip, feeling anything but inside. “This is the safest way to watch.” Riley spoke like a bored tour guide, “These lift pods were specially designed for observation without interfering. They automatically relocate to a safe distance away from the battle as it moves. They are also shielded against any possible attack and have a door installed so you can leave immediately in case of an emergency.”

3 thoughts on “Day 28 12

  1. Riley: In short, the designers have thought of everything you could possibly need.

    Chel: Um, where are the chairs?

    Riley: Chairs?

    1. No snacks, either. Hmmm…

  2. Looks like a certain superhero is not in the no-interference ufo, and nobody is missing her.

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