Day 28 13

Before Damian could find the right words, the door in the lift pod whirled into existence. It swirled momentarily in golden orange, then Claudia appeared and joined them. All eyes were on her, except Damian, who desperately avoided eye contact and just stared at Chill, his eyes wide and a little panicked as he wondered what Claudia was going to do. “Excuse me.” Claudia stepped forward quickly, passing by Damian and Chill in a few long strides. “Chel.” Keith sidestepped protectively toward Chel, glaring at Claudia. Chel pushed past Keith. Claudia didn’t scare Chel and couldn’t help but feel annoyed with Keith for thinking she needed him to protect her from the tall alien.

4 thoughts on “Day 28 13

  1. I almost feel bad for Claudia. She has to stand next to Chel and watch Lexx fight for his life. If he does manage to escape alive, he won’t return to her, it will be Chel.

    Then I remember her schemes and manipulatory behavior, and I feel a little less bad. Also, daddy Vic is here, and he is a badass. Sorry, Claudia, maybe next time.

  2. Keith looks VERY annoyed.

  3. I know this is part of Claudia’s redemption and everything, but all i can picture in the third panel is her saying it like, “exSCUSE me.” Instead of the meek way tiff probabl intended. Honestly the mental image is starting to make me giggle.

    1. I dunno about you, but Claudia has shown major signs of being a manipulator, and I despise people who manipulate others to get what they want out of a relationship, so if this is about redemption, I hope to see at least a little self immolation.

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