Chapter 28 – 02

The incoming dice was monstrous and everyone moved to stand at the edge of the observation list in complete silence. It resembled a great whale, perhaps a humpback, but it had an array of fins grouped around its forward body. They shifted as the whale swam, gracefully directing it to the beach as the great tail propelled it. The head breached the surface and it exhaled from a blow hole near the back of the head, adding proof to its whale genetics.
It slowed in the shallower waters, the lower fins hitting the sand and sending it up in golden yellow clouds. Its graceful swimming turned into a lumbering effort to get the fins beneath it and a set of thick hind legs sank into the sand behind it.
“Land whale!” Chill broke the silence with an adoring squeal.


Prior News

I’m doing the text last. I’m STILL running behind, but I FINALLY got the books set up and know how to set them up for the Kickstarter I’m running for the Cyantian Chronicles. I’ve also begin setting up Alien Dice volume 1. It’s tricky, but it’s going well. The ‘learning how to make a printable pdf’ dive took over half my work hours, but I’ve finally got it!

Here are this week’s changes: Alien Dice has shifted to full page updates, which for now, will go up on Mondays and Fridays. On Wednesdays, I will be running Legacy. At the moment, this is the only page I have done so I’m laughing in a crazy way at what I’ve done to myself. I wouldn’t be behind if I hadn’t worked on the books, but I needed that time to make sure I was making GOOD BOOKS. My fallback for Alien Dice IS printing via a combination of Createspace and Ka-blam if I’m unable to print the full color 6 x 9 editions. I’ll make black and white createspace editions and full color smaller floppy books to continue where I left off.

– Tiff, going a bit crazy with all the huge life changes that must be gotten out of the waaaaay!!