“Shira Lexx, I am Illion Seelie.” The Littan in the pod smiled. “It appears I get to be lucky number one.” Seelie kept talking while Lexx stared at him in annoyance. Like just about every other LIttan Lexx had ever met, he appeared rich and completely out of touch with what was going on. He had a long slashing scar over his right cheek that marred a typical, handsome Littan face. His eyes were brown and hair a dark blonde. His clothes were finely tailored and when he was done, he would probably be returning to his ship without a worry in the world. “If you beat my master, you will receive my modifiers and another prize.”
Lexx hated him on sight.
“Understood. Let’s begin.” Lexx reached into his pocket for his modifiers. He withdrew one and tossed it.