Seelie’s dice popped out of a port in the lift and hit the sand a few feet away from Lexx’s. The clock began the moment the dice hit the sand. It was adjusted to Earth time. One day by Earth standards. 24 hours began counting down.
Speed increase and steel skin. This will not be fun. Lexx had a moment to gather information. His opponent was a massive, slow creature. He had no idea what it could do and was dreading finding out in the next few minutes. And I get hydro,… and pulse. Hydro against a creature that lived in the water with steel skin on top of it’s already tough hide. Pulse wouldn’t do much against its steel skin either. Lexx grumbled to himself in annoyance and he cursed his bad luck.

“I can’t believe they want Lexx to fight that!” Chel exclaimed in horror gripping the sides of her face with her hands in sheer disbelief. She was overwhelmed by the size of the creature compared to Lexx and not thinking about the fact that such a massive beast would have a difficult time catching Lexx.
“Wait,” Chill stepped up next to Chel, her attention on the whale with similar horror. “That guy down there’s going to hurt the land whale?”