The land whale walked back out into the shallows and slid underneath the water and rolled into the sandy bottom of the cove. For a few moments a sandy could completely enveloped the massive creature. It rolled around in the sand, pushing itself a little deeper until the water mostly covered it. It continued rolling, flailing its many fins and tail into the water, sending water high into the air.
Lexx watched, waiting tensely for an attack at any moment. He flew high enough away that he was confident he could evade any attack, but he wanted to be prepared for it. Lexx couldn’t bring himself to attack the creature. It just didn’t feel right.
Time passed, and the whale settled into laying in the water on its side, idly flipping its tail out of the water to send a wave of water splashing over its body.
What kind of fight is this? Lexx hovered a little closer. Do I just wait for to attack me? It’s just … The land whale for all appearances, looked to be taking a nap instead of participating in a battle. … laying there.