Back on Earth, Chel couldn’t take her eyes off the scene before her.  Lexx was still hovering above the inactive dice and they were so far away, she couldn’t see his face.  She wanted so much to reach out over the relay to him, but kept her thoughts within her own head to avoid distracting him.  She couldn’t take that risk.

“Illion Seelie’s a good man.”  Kade smiled, then added with noticeable pride. “He’s also going to be my new son-in-law.”

“That’s who you got to marry Trasik?”  Riley sputtered as he spun on one heel to face his father. “He’s one of the best players there ever was.  He’s also retired.”

“He came out of retirement to participate.”  That almost sounded like a brag to Riley.  His father was actually bragging about convincing one of the most highly ranked players in the universe to join their cause?  Anger and annoyance flooded through Riley.  Was his father trying to show him up? His contacts were better than Riley’s?  Riley couldn’t help but feel insulted.