Other considerations passed through his mind. The ADC had threatened him. The threats were simply because they wanted him to clean up the dice mess he had admittedly brought to their world. Those threats wouldn’t pass on to Maenae. She was just a child. She was also untouchable if she remained on Earth.
Lexx winced, dragging one foot forward. Untouchable? Chel was untouchable and they had kidnapped her to get to him, but if he wasn’t even alive, there would be no reason to do that again. He made up his mind and approached Victor.
“Maenae, this is Vic,” Lexx began speaking. Victor turned to face him. “He’s Chel’s father.” Lexx officially introduced them. The only thing he could remember about their first meeting was just how much he did not want Maenae near Victor.
“Hihi!” Maenae waved happily.
“Hello, Maenae.” Victor replied politely, softening his expression toward the child.
Lexx suddenly shifted Maenae toward Victor, who automatically raised his arms to take her.
“If anything happens to me, he’s going to take care of you.” Lexx said it firmly. There was no opening for discussion in his statement.