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Day 28 3

Damian looked almost as stunned as Victor. He was the one who was supposed to take Maenae. He was momentarily disappointed, then a smile spread over his face as he realized that this was probably best. He really didn’t know how to deal with children. Probably Best. Damian felt a weight lift as that possible responsibility was completely removed from him. Victor stared at Lexx, completely stunned and taken off guard. This was the last thing he expected to happen. He hadn’t expected it at all and wasn’t sure what to do about it.

9 thoughts on “Day 28 3

  1. Haha, congratulations Victor. Your adult daughter is almost out of the house (and off the planet for that matter) and now all of a sudden you’ve got a new child to care for. 😀

    Though I will agree with Damian in this regard…Victor, who has already raised a daughter, is the far better choice.

    Though I am missing the obvious outcry at Chel, “He already has a child, for all we know he could already have a family elsewhere!”…though I guess it’s rather obvious that Maenae isn’t Lexx’s biological child, what with the completely different species and all.

    Btw, I really like Damian’s smile in this one. 🙂
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Considering what we’ve seen so far, I don’t think it would be out of the question to think she might be his biological daughter.

      Lexx is the same species as Chel, after all.

      1. Not quite actually. The Rishan (I believe was their name) are humans genetically engineered to appear as non-human. Sure, they are human at the core, but they didn’t turn blue as a result of natural mutation.

        If we assumed that Lexx was Maenae’s biological father, he would need to have found a species that’s compatible with his reproduction apparatus and also alike enough for their genes to match and bring forth a child that can actually live.

        If two entirely different species breed together, chances are that their offspring would not live long enough to tell the tale.

        But then again, the universe is a big place…there might be more ‘kin’ to the human race than even Lexx knows, right? 😉

        1. Yeah, but we’re ignorant humans. Lexx has blue skin and wings. He does not appear to be the same species at first glance.

          Riley looks human at first glance, but his insides are quite different. Claudia looks human, and she can look like any race she wants.

          So yeah, when it comes to extraterrestrials, don’t make assumptions based on appearance. Lexx is biologically compatible with Chel, despite looking much more alien than Riley or Damien.

          I didn’t make it very clear though. I apologize. I meant to say it’s not out of the question for Vic to suspect she’s Lexx’s biological daughter. I mean, Lexx explained his to them, right? Is it really so absurd to make a guess that perhaps genetic tampering is common. What they’ve seen of Alien tech so far is pretty amazing, millenia ahead of us. I should probably get some sleep now, before I become any more incoherent than I already am.

        2. A chihuahua is the same species as a great dane. Phenotypes are deceiving.

  2. There’s a magic word, Maenae. If Mr. Victor gets cranky, just ask cute and ask “Grandpa” what’s wrong.

  3. Vic has adopted the best expression ever, “Deer in headlights.”

  4. Trope added.

  5. Congrats, you’re now a grandpa, whether or not your daughter ever marries.

    Also, gotta love Damian in panel 2 . . .

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