It’s a struggle, but I think things are finally smoothing out after a really bumpy road.

I love this image, although there are things I could probably have done better, that I didn’t realize how to do until it was done. 😀  In any case, I get to draw Maelinn being elegant and beautiful and noticed that even though she DOES have her marks, they blended into her skin and are subtle. 😀  Oh well.  She has them!

Funny how working on my desktop I actually get stuff done.  I had to remove my child from the computer and take it over again rather than keep trying to work on my laptop.  The laptop has other uses in workflow.  I realize that now.  I am greatly disappointed by this laptop.  It has quirks that I’ve never had in other laptops, quirks that cause me delays if I keep trying to work against them.  I’ve given up working against them.  In another year and a half, maybe I’ll get the opportunity to replace it with a Surface Book.  That’s my big dream, but for now, my going on six year old Yiynova hooked up to the desktop is my workhorse.  It’s been repositioned so I can comfortably work on it now!

  • Tiff