“The longer you wait, the more you are endangering Chel!”  Lexx was having a difficult time restraining himself.  The Littan was just… standing there.

“Patience,.. my beauty is on her way.  By the way, my name is Fily,”  he began speaking conversationally.  He seemed to be completely ignoring Lexx’s anxiety … which was only making the Rishan more angry.

“What is taking so long, why can’t you toss a dice like a normal player!”  Even though he couldn’t attack Fily, he could at least yell at him.

“I don’t believe in confining my dice, Lexx,”  Fily stated.  “You’d appreciate that, I’m sure.”

Lexx stared at Fily.  He didn’t seem like the type to be playing the master game.  He obviously wasn’t interested in this battle and had forgone the customary challenge.  Then, he heard it.  There was a rustling sound in three trees, followed by a loud cracking noise of branches being broken.  And then … there was an ominous hiss.  Lexx turned to look back into the trees and see the unmistakable head of a monstrous serpent.