At the same time, far, far away, a little girl was sitting up in her bed. It was time for sleep and had been for awhile. The day’s events had merely been a repeat of every other day. Maenae sighed and stroked the soft plush blanket that was covering her knees. It was warm and comfortable. She had been treated well here. There were many other children to play with, but it was the same place over and over again.

‘I’m tired of this place. I think …’ Maenae pushed the blanket aside and placed her feet on the floor. It was also warm and vibrated very slightly. She curled her toes into the short fuzzy carpeting that covered the floor. ‘It’s time to go.’

Purposefully, the small alien walked past the beds of her friends and into the empty room where the other children would go to get ready for their daily shower before their day began. She wouldn’t be here for that. Maenae had a few things to do before leaving.

‘This place no longer amuses me and I know you miss Lexx, Maenae.’ Maenae smiled, ‘I do.’ And she slipped away, allowing a change to take place. Her clothing melted away into thin air and her body began to change. It needed to. She had to get her things and noone would let a child wander around the halls of the space station, let alone purchase passage on a ship. It was Mirien’s time.