And not so far away, back on the island, Riley grumbled, “I’m going out for a drink, Damian. Mind if I use your ship’s door?”

Damian blinked at the littan. He had made sure that every refrigerator was stocked with various drinks and liquors, as well as some that were of littan brand. One of the rooms had even been turned into storage for the best he could find. And Riley wanted to go out? “Not at all, Riley, but there’s plenty to drink here …”

“Not quite what I want,” shrugged Riley. He was speaking in a calmer tone. Sadness was slowly taking the place of anger. Riley was thinking about something a bit more common on Earth, but rare in space. He particularly liked the taste of normal, ordinary beer. It was nourishing, but not intoxicating to Riley, and he wanted to eat more than actually get drunk. He didn’t care for losing control of his senses.

Around the corner, Kane rubbed her hands together thoughtfully. Her mind was already at work. ‘Sooo … what to do about this new information? How can I use it?” She wandered down the hall to think. As nice as the island was, she didn’t want to stay there forever. She missed the action of her less peaceful life.