In case it was missed… Friday’s update was an April Fools Prank. Below is the actual happenings. 🙂

Silently, Chel stepped forward and slid her arms under Lexx’s. She leaned her head against his chest and sighed. Lexx went rigid for a moment at the sudden unexpected gesture, but he did not move to push Chel away.

“Chel … don’t do that-” Lexx protested without conviction.

“You looked like you need it.” Chel stated, recalling a previous time she’d given Lexx a hug.

“Funny.” He smiled.

Chel felt guilty for upsetting Lexx, even though he had smiled. ‘Lexx is nothing like I would have looked for.’ She mused to herself. ‘Why am I so drawn to him?’

It was nearly impossible to fathom the way that she felt in his presence. Listening to him talk, he was very knowledgeable about many subjects and enjoyed talking about them. He became much more animated and personable when he was talking about anything that had nothing to do with the game itself. There were times that he even cracked jokes and said amusing things. Sometimes, Chel didn’t entirely get them, but she had to laugh when he did.

There were times he spoke of sad events in the cultures he enjoyed studying. In those times, Lexx was very thoughtful and passionate about the injustices or calamities he recited. But when the subject shifted to himself, more often than not, he would completely shut down, change the subject or become irritated and annoyed.

It only made Chel want to know more.

“I’ll take you home now. Maybe we can talk again tomorrow.” Lexx slipped his arms around Chel and picked her up again. He gripped her tightly and jumped from the rooftop, flaring his wings and flapping them strongly.