In a matter of moments, Lexx and Chel were leaving the taller buildings of the city behind. There was not any conversation this time. Chel admired the view while an uneasy feeling began to work its way into Lexx.

‘Hmmm. It’s really quiet up here.’ Lexx’s thoughts wandered. ‘But I’m starting to feel uneasy. It isn’t Chel, is it?’ It crossed his mind that he was feeling that way because of Chel, but no. That wasn’t it. ‘No – something else.’ He could barely hear it. A whirring sound coming from somewhere behind and above them. ‘I hear something else.’

“Chel,” Lexx said aloud, “Do you hear anything?”

“No. Why?” Chel replied. She looked into the darkness and saw nothing but the usual radio towers with flashing red lights adorning their structures. She couldn’t hear it. She couldn’t feel it.

But Lexx could.

“There it is again!” A pale green blip showed on the helicopter’s radar screen. The pilot immediately swung the almost silent moving vehicle in the direction of the blip. It was a very small helicopter, sleek and made for one pilot and a max of three others. The craft might as well have been one of the notorious black helicopters that people sometimes report in conjunction with UFO experiences.

It was unmarked.