“Damian!” Riley lunged at the Sairah, who jerked the coat over the back of the couch. “Give me back my coat!” Damian had just found the pocket and had it opened just enough that the abrupt movement sent a small purple device flying through the air. It hit the ground with a loud clatter and the beeping stopped, much to Damian’s delight, to be replaced by Zaile’s voice, much to Riley’s horror.

“Riley. I need a word with you!” Zaile sounded somewhat panicked. Riley quickly retrieved the device, but wasn’t happy about it.

“Should’ve thought about that before you fired me, Zaile.” Riley grumbled. ‘Why couldn’t these things break more often when they fall?’ The thought passed through his mind. He didn’t want to talk to Zaile, but the worried tone in Zaile’s voice made him curious.