“Zeta! Epsy! Stop that!” Lexx’s voice suddenly echoed throughout the biosphere. Both of the sallomandyr’s were facing each other, heads low and tails waving slowly behind them. “Dash. I need you to come with me to get the next dice.”

Dash got up and fluttered his wings, “Yes, Sirrrrr.” The large cat offered Lexx a big toothy grin.

Epsy clacked her jaws together sharply and spun around to walk away from Zeta. Zeta just stood there.

‘I hate it when he does that.’ Lexx sighed. ‘Hm. Wonder what they’re up to.’ The dice had immediately stopped talking and the fact that they were sitting in a semicircle led Lexx to believe they were discussing something. Lexx frowned and turned to walk away. It was best to ignore them and concentrate on the game.