#Inktober – Swift

Prompt #1 - Swift - Today's piece is Swiftpaw!  It was the third piece I did today in dip pen and brush on multimedia paper.  I love this paper.  It's nice and thick and holds ink well! Each of these are 9 x 12 in size on Multi media paper.  They're also for sale for $50 each, which includes shipping.  I am going to be making prints of these pieces. Photo of piece's position.  The reason that this one is positioned high on the paper is because I intend to watercolor it if I still have it in a few months. :D The paper is white, this is just what the camera does without adjustment.  The scan isn't adjusted in any way.  

4 thoughts on “#Inktober – Swift

  1. So the original is $50, or the prints are?

    1. The original is $50. 😀 The prints will probably be $25 or so, because they will be hand colored – something new I want to try. I’ll also compile a book with all of the inktober art in it like I did the Smaugust art.

      1. At the risk of feeling silly, am I looking them over, or are they not up for sale yet?

        1. I’m having complications with my store and had to stop using it. You can just ask for it and I can invoice you, or you can use the paypal button, or I can go get the new store started. 😀 Which I’m going to get to, I’m just also swamped.

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