This time, moving forward with the right tools and confidence.  I’ve spent the last months writing like crazy, learning to do it properly, editing a ‘test’ book, and learning my software. I actually spent a couple hundred for software last fall and do not regret it, since it has helped improve my writing so much! This morning, I figured out how I want to organize the original Alien Dice chapters… which is actually the current way I’m doing it.  I thought I was writing shorter chapters, but in reality, I began breaking up the Days INTO chapters later on instead of doing whole days. I thought they were shorter!  NOPE!

Day 5 and I’m up to 72k words.  I intend to cap each book at around 75k-100k.  It depends on when I get to a good ‘stopping’ point.  This is going to take a while.  Now, for printing.  I don’t care about my ranks on Amazon or having best selling copies or anything like that. I prefer making sure the books are attainable to those who enjoyed them, so there will be options for varying price points, plus a final edition which will NOT be like the current one.

I’ve decided, to begin with, there will be multiple editions, so you can choose which one you want.  I’ll probably just release them as I finish. I live in a very small house without room to store books anyway so I can’t do big runs of books.

Original Editions – Want to have two completed by the end of the year, that is my goal. Original editions will retain the story as it is online, because I know readers want to read it that way, even if it’s not deeply edited, just that it’s close to what they original read. I will be going in and correcting grammar, misspellings, and other SMALL issues, but it will have the same voice it had when I began. This will not be a deep edit or rewrite.

  1. Full color – graphic novel only – Expensive, because of color.
  2. Black and white – story only, no comics, just a novel

Original Combined Editions – Will be available the same as above. MOST of this work is done, btw.

  1. Full color comic and story – even more expensive, because of color and mix of black and white pages
  2. black and white comic and story (This is just #3 converted to greyscale)

Final Editions – Will not be available for a while, as in, years, but it’s something I want to do. A final, polished version.

  1. Fully edited text story, this is a complete rewrite, deeply edited with no regard for matching the original story. I will fix and delete repetition and refine the story.
  2. Second version of above, with new illustrations – a much longer project to follow later.