I got a nice piece of happiness in my email today – this beautiful, inspiring image from thebebob5 – using her Deviantart in case she doesn’t want me using her actual name. 🙂 You can comment on Deviantart or follow her via this link! I’m sure she’d like it!

Thebebop5’s comments: Top to bottom, left to right: Chelsea Reid (relay version), soul echo Sicali Riane, Shira Lexx, bad code.

…Clearly I have not been playing a lot of Final Fantasy, oh no. /cough.

As a reminder, if you have art or short stories or whatever that’s Alien Dice Streaker (fanart) related, feel free to send me an email. I want to get it up.. just that the folder containing all the old stuff doesn’t have the names neatly attached to most of them so I have to do some searching

– Tiff