I’m making a large cross post today to promote the Shivae Studios Patreon!  You may have noticed this showing up as the base ad in my adboxes in various forms.  I’m slow at promoting such things that need to be promoted.

Patrons have been a huge help in smoothing out everything for me and my family so I can work without worry.  It’s also increased my work flow and I’ve added new premium comics with more to come!  For $1 a month, you get early previews of all my comics and it adds up!  For $3 a month, you get to view the premium comics, past and present.  Right now, that includes Vincent and Filaire Chapter 1, Vincent Chapter 1, which will complete in April and go on to Vincent and Filaire Chapter 2.  Swiftpaw Chapter 1 is wrapping up and Saign Chapter 1 will begin when it wraps up.

I figured I’d make April a PUSH month.  If you’ve NEVER donated, consider pledging monthly or a single donation via paypal.  If you use an adblocker (and I do not mind that), definitely toss in something, because ads also pay the bills!  I do my best to not serve up garbage ads or popups, but I know on occasion they sneak through.  The reason I’m doing this push a little early is we’re going to seriously need it next month.  Hubby ran out of sick days when our daughter was in for her procedure.  We’ll see that hit in the next paycheck and I need to cushion the blow.

My goal is to hit $600 asap, with a long term goal of $1,000.

– Tiffany Ross