These two carvings of Stealth and Epsy were sent to me after Halloween by C. Howard!  As usual, they got lost in the bottom of my unmanageable email box, but I decided to dig them out and upload them right now and share them.  I really loved them!  (Maybe I already posted them and just forgot… it’s possible…)

In all honesty, right now I’m struggling with a considerable amount of dejection for no real reason that I can pinpoint.  I’ll get to the wallpaper first.  Trying to decide whether to go on and do another chapter of Legacy or try to get comics done after I finish commissions and the wallpaper.  Nobody has expressed in any interest in it, but I’m halfway done with it.

– Tiff


Edit – Next morning:  Yeahhhh, I hit 100.4 last night, chills, headache, rumblings and complete loss of appetite.  I’m laying in bed cradling the laptop in a fetal position pondering how I can work on things when holding the stylus to type this hurts.  😀  Too much effort.  So that’s why – I’ll respond to email when I can sit upright.