Random Ramblings 001

This actually was NOT going to go up until January, however, I feel that there are a lot of people out there who would welcome a bit of a laugh today. :D  - Tiff

7 thoughts on “Random Ramblings 001

  1. Cute, and funny too. Poor Chel. This is what happens when you date a celebrity athlete (or whatever you call Lexx).

  2. *snerrrk*
    Thank you for posting this, I needed a lighthearted laugh.
    Poor Chel, shippers have no mercy.

  3. Chel doesn’t like Chexx Mix? 🙂

  4. Oh wow. Those last two panels… just… wow. XD

  5. laugh was definitely welcome!
    Ineeded that, so thank you!

  6. Thank you! Needed that!

  7. Chexx mix anyone?

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