Real life has been very annoying lately.  I have lots of good things happening (I’m actually selling stuff via Redbubble!) and lots of stupid expensive things.  This week, we had to have the plumber out the same day we had to have an emergency trip to the vet, then an emergency trip to a veterinary ophthalmologist in another town for Vash, our corgi.  He developed an ulcer in his right eye.  I spent the day in tears over the thought of losing him due to an eye problem we wouldn’t be able to afford to fix.  It wasn’t that bad, but we have a warning that it will likely happen in his left eye within a year.  It’s some sort of genetic thing that affects Boxers more than any other breeds and corgis second to boxers. He’s healing up fine after his procedure, although all of my recent Kickstarter profits will go to paying off the care credit card once I’m done fulfilling the pledges and shipping them out.  Not happy about that.  I was looking forward to having a little extra for January.

I don’t want anything for Christmas.  However, I do need people to sign up to support via Patreon or Swaggerdile.  $1 is plenty.  I’d be making more than my husband if everyone contributed $1 a month, even after taxes and fees.  A total of $200 more a month would take my monthly budget into the black for the entire month instead of just three weeks out of the month.

I am still plugging away at catching up, but may just need to sacrifice updates.  Our AC/Heater has been off since September.  It’ll be fixed after the 20th.  Right now, it’s below freezing outside and I’m bundled up as much as I can, but I’m having problems concentrating on work.  I just have to finish the Genoworks inking and then I’ll be flatting Alien Dice and Darius, then finishing up Genoworks and Campus Safari.  I’m concentrating on getting those comics done and current before anything else.  Thankfully, we have a freezer full of food as well as a fridge, because I am in constant prepare for the week before payday mode.

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