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Day 24 Part 3

Stealth had other ideas.  She jumped in front of Riley and he tripped over her, a mess of flailing arms and legs.  Whether it was right or not, Stealth had had enough of this entire situation and the game. Chel ran faster than she thought she could and the pole seemed to become lighter with every step.  She was fixated on Trasik’s back with knowledge that Riley had given her weeks ago.  She just had to hit her once and Trasik was in the perfect angle, unless she moved. “Speak!  Answer—“  Trasik took delight in shaking Lexx’s head a little more, causing him more pain.   Then, a sharp pain shook her body followed by a sickening sound of ripping flesh and cloth.  A flood of warmth spread down her chest and she went rigid.

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  1. NOW you did it…

  2. I can only help but… smile.

  3. Ouch!

    Complications abound from the rules in this situation. Interfering with the game, breaking interplanetary law to kidnap a resident of an underdeveloped world, other possible accounts of kidnapping and attempted harm or murder. The list of infractions by all parties just screams of total mess.

    I wonder if law enforcement and AD will look the other way and say, “Challenge? What Challenge? Murder? No,nono, she obviously slipped onto that spear.”

    This is starting to sound like something no one is going to wants to touch. But will they?

    1. Yeah, it’s gonna get touched. How is yet to be determined, but it looks like this is going to be the spark for the powderkeg of an intergalactic incident.

      …And I just got the extremely scary thought of Chel becomming a Dice as punishment.

      1. They wouldn’t really turn Chel into a dice… would they? Wouldn’t that be a violation of some law?

        The suspense is killing me!!! Please do an extra update… please? 🙂

  4. Um, wow. Chel may have just murdered someone on intergalactic television.

    Hm, I wonder what the law will have to say about this. I mean, if this were Earth she’d be going down for murder-1. The rules obviously work differently in space–I mean, they allow child slavery and all–but given Trasik is part of a wealthy family, I’m sure they’ll end up with all the justice their money can buy.

    1. Murder in the First Degree requires that you planned it in advance. Getting kidnapped and having one of your friends beaten to a pulp and possibly enslaved in front of you does not rise to the level of advanced planning.

      Given the context, in most western nations, this would be at worst murder 2, quite probably, justifiable homicide.

      Now, where all that falls apart is the fact that she is not operating in a jurisdiction with anything even remotely like typical western law. So, all bets are off.

  5. that … speaks with sickening and satisfying finality. so I guess that spear wasn’t just ceremonial. My personal guess is it was there for guards to deal with rampaging dice

    1. Meh. It didn’t damage her brain, and they at least have magical healing nanotech for dice. I’m sure that with prompt action by the house staff, she can be brought back from nearly any level of other organ damage, though I’d bet on a long recovery time.

      1. You all assume there is something fatally stabbed here – for all we know, Littan’s keep their appendix equivalent where Chel stabbed her. Of course, it might also be where they keep their autonomic nerve cluster (the autopilot for keeping the heart beating, lungs breathing and digestive tract running), at which point Trasik is dead on impact…

        I’m just saying, we don’t know enough about Littan biology to even guess at how fatal this wound is.

        Timelords have two hearts…

      2. On the contrary, Riley told Chel that even the nanites couldn’t repair brain damage, and the comic text clearly states that Chel was using the knowledge Riley gave her when she struck, I say the Biatch is no more! Yay!
        P.S. Trasik isn’t the only rich one in the picture…. just sayin 🙂

        1. Umm… Her head is fully visible in the image (with nothing impaled in it), and the text /also/ says that she heard the sound of tearing flesh and *cloth* and felt warmth running down her chest.

          That’s pretty wishful thinking to pass all those cues and think she was stabbed in the brain based on just that one bit.

  6. Holy crap. I can’t imagine chel murdering someone. Bu on the other hand, people do do crazy things when the one they love is in danger.

    1. And crazier things when they get a psychic connection from said love containing “PAIN!”

    2. Murder? Everyone keeps using that term, and I hardly see how it applies. Chel was KIDNAPPED and held against her will. Her friend comes to her rescue and is severely, and deliberately, grieviously injured trying to save her, you would have a hard time convincing a jury of manslaughter in this case. As for the law of the Corporations of Space, who knows, but they “looked the other way” as Chel was kidnapped, they may well “look the other way” for this incident. They have no authority over Chel, although they can still make life difficult for Lexx. 🙁

      1. IANAL, but no, you wouldn’t have a hard time convicting of manslaughter. In fact, in many jurisdictions, this would count as premeditated murder given her intent in grabbing acquiring a weapon on the way to cross the distance.

        Self defense and defense of another are generally only allowed as defenses (in American law), when the victim threatens the murderer with lethal or grievous bodily harm. Trasik is not threatening Chel with lethal harm; Trasik’s threat of lethal harm to Lexx is over at this point and was consented to by him in the first place. In many states, she wouldn’t even be allow to pull her hands off of him (i.e. commit battery) in his defense either unless she was physically attacking him.

        With provocation legally insufficient to justify lethal response, Chel’s actions are an open and shut case in American law, at least.

        Who knows what space law is like considering all the awfulness that the villains get away with? For that matter, does Chel even have any legal rights other than the right not to be a slave?

        1. @Valdrax: I agree with you 99%, by US law this would be pretty open and shut – except it would also be a trial by jury – and her lawyer’s best bet would be an temporary insanity plea, and then illustrate what Chel has been going through as relevant to her state of mind. Would it be enough to get the insanity defense justified…maybe – we have no precedent for psychic pain phenomenon…so…eh?But it would give the jury a taste of all the holy **** she’d gone through – and given the response on this board, do you think at least one jurist would declare not guilty out of sympathy? Trying the defendant, not the case, as the saying goes?

          As to intergalactic law, Chel’s only “defense” is her citizenship to a protected world – not that we are entirely certain that there is a interstellar law against murder, or if there are any exceptions to it. Alien means completely other, after all. Some of them might consider this a completely normal mating display.

  7. Everybody seems to assume that Trasik has been killed … Please keep in mind that Trasik isn’t human, and that her Littan physiology could be different enough from human anatomy to render her heart in a different location. Coupled with the fact that I have no recollection of any indication that Chel has ever been trained in any martial art or warfare (excluding, of course, anything her dad may have taught her), it is highly unlikely that Chel did anything more damaging than cause a tension pneumothorax by traversing a lung (which, if left untreated, would drown Trasik in her own blood). This all still assumes that Trasik and other non-humans with sufficient funds would not outfit themselves with medical nano-machines to make themselves effectively immortal, which would probably respond to trauma immediately and start to heal her the moment the spear was removed (if not earlier, if they are particularly aggressive). The point I make here is, we don’t have enough information, and good enemies are too scarce a developed resource to throw away lightly (however much we may want them to go away).

    1. Oh, I’ll confirm we are indeed down one villain.

      1. One down, 522 left to go.

        OK. It might not be that many. But this IS a good start on clearing the field. 😉

      2. Sure, she’d dead now. But remember this is Sci-Fi and hardly anyone ever STAYS dead. There are such things as time travel, cloning, duplicates from alternate dimensions, and the ever popular ‘evil twin’ (or in Trasik’s case, the NON-evil twin).

        1. I’d hate to kill all those nightmares you wanted to have, but this is Tiff writing the story.

          When she kills someone, they stay dead.

        2. – breathes in helium-
          “she’s not only merely dead, she’s really most sincerely dead”
          – exhales –

  8. Chel looks to be too far away unless she throws the spear and I believe that would put Lexx in danger from that same spear.

  9. SCHLRRK!! Is one of the best bloody sound effects ever. Some other good ones are SKRREEEE!!!, SHOOSH!!!, KSSSS!!!, and GRRRRGLE!!!
    I point to dead(or severely injured) Trasik and I point to the smile on my face. That is all.(unless of course Chel goes to prison. Then there will be a frown on my face.)

    1. Same here… 🙂 , 🙁 .

  10. Seeing how intergalatic law handles this will be interesting. Everyone watching knows that Trasik kidnapped Chel to force Lexx into a challenge. Doesn’t the kidnapped person have a right to attack her kidnapper in (cough) an escape attempt?

    1. I said earlier…
      “Technically, until Chel is off the property she is still kidnapped.”
      She was kidnapped off the protected planet earth, right out of her home. The laws that were broken for that are astronomical (according to my understanding).
      Traski’s karma is finally coming full circle.

      1. If the law doesn’t swing that way there’s always it would be considered interference by fault of Traski.

        It would be rather hilarious if Traski got disqualified by Lex’s guide, because Traski made it her responsibility to make sure Chel didn’t interfere.

  11. I’m rather a bit surprised that nobody has posted a Wizard of Oz reference.

    The unfortunate catch to this is that there’s still two formidable dice standing closer to Chel and Lexx than to anybody else.

    They’re not out of the woods yet, but I think it will get better after it gets worse.

    1. Obligatory.
      Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead!

  12. As one being kidnapped. I’d say Chel has the right, no responsibility to do everthing thing in her power to get out of there.

  13. Ahh, so refreshing, the look on Trasiks face as a mere human girl plunges her spear into one of the few weak spots of the nearly invulnerable Littan. YAY! No more Trasik! No more Trasik! Tralalala la laaaa! But, Lexx lost and Chel is still kidnapped and interfered with the game. Oh yeah, and then there’s Chel’s Dad and Keith on Damian’s ship… when they find out about this will they let Chel stay with Lexx? will Lexx let her stay? Will she listen to either of them? (no way :p) I see lots of fun chaos in the future… Great stuff!

  14. I’m not sure I understand the surprise at Chell’s actions. She has already shown herself to be willing to harm others in defense of herself or those she cares about, (like her first meeting with Lexx…) and has been through a series of events that have been shown to make her less leary of the results of such actions, so it seems perfectly reasonable to me to expect her to try to kill Trasik. (even if she might regret it after the fact)

  15. Does anyone else think that maybe Lexx is the one that stabbed Trasik?

    1. I second that montion. Chel is not close enough and the text does not say from which direction the stab came from.

      1. The blood splatter suggests that it was from behind her… however, I may be wrong. 😉

  16. I feel bad for Riley. While Trasik was crazy and needed to go down, it’s still his sister.

    1. I’m surprised it took that many comments before someone remembered that.

      1. Well to take it from there.

        This is also family property as well. So there dad is most likely not far away either and let’s not forget that their are other brothers to think about.

        This might shake up more then just Riley here.

  17. Something tells me that would net huge ratings… I mean the fall of lexx and then trasik stabbed by the kidnapped human guide? This would make the last episode of MASH look like an episode of ice road truckers.

    1. No, it would probably make the last episode of MASH look like an episode of AfterMASH. 😀

      Then again, this IS an intergalactic series, so there’s probably a much bigger audience to start with.

    2. One thing’s for certain. With action like this, people are going to be glued to their vids galaxy-wide.

      1. Would that be enough for ADC to overlook this whole situation??? I hope so. But what about Riley and his family? He probably won’t want Chel tried for murder, but the rest of his family has been overlooking Lexx up to this point, so they’re probably not going to be very open to the fact that Lexx’s “human girlfriend” just killed their daughter/sibling. >.< Ah! And I thought $hit was hitting the fan last page!!!

        1. There’s also the possibility of this calling attention to the ADC’s abuse of loopholes in the law. Not to mention Trasik’s abuse of the law.

          Riley’s Dad is gonna be pissed though. If Riley weren’t already last in line for succession, he would be now!

  18. Even after she grabbed the spear, I did not see that coming.

  19. I like how dash triped riely

    1. That’s Stealth silly.

      1. sory forgot whos who

  20. Well this is going to be fun to explain to her dad and Keith when they get back to the ship . . .

    I have no idea what the resolution of the legal issues will be, but I thought I’d point out that Trasik may have been telling the truth when she said she wasn’t the one who kidnapped Chel. It looks to me like the work of Andisel, especially since Chel’s kidnapper First looks suspiciously similar to the Sairah who spoke to the imprisoned Kane earlier (http://aliendice.com/blog/2006/08/03/08032006/).

  21. And with Trasik insisting that Lexx declare his defeat… I wonder if he hasn’t actually lost until he says he gives up- meaning he’s still in the game. Though I suppose that could have just been Trasik rubbing her victory in his face.

  22. Has Lexx officially become Trasik’s property? She didn’t succeed in tagging him, which I seem to remember a previous challenger trying to do. Assuming Lexx did officially lose to Trasik and she is killed, what becomes of him? Does ownership pass to her next-of-kin, or does the ADC get to do whatever they want with him? Not that I think anyone here plans to stick around to find out . . .

    1. He has to say he gives up.

  23. staby punctur stab stab go chel go

  24. Pear shaped fails to cover the situation here. The pears have all been tossed into a blender. That blender has coughed up about 5 tons of caltrops. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caltrop ) Nasty things, caltrops. I wouldn’t want to walk across a field of them.

    1. That being said, I like what has happened here. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving waste of oxygen.
      I love Trasik’s expression here. I love seeing it applied even more.

  25. Spent the last two days reading this and now i have to stop at such a situation? This is really not fair!
    AlienDice is an amazing comic and I am really happy to have found it (even if its quite late…)

  26. Well done Chel! Well DONE! Its about time someone gave that bitch what she deserved for all the pain and suffering she has caused people!

  27. Hmmm just to throw a wrench into things, I’m gonna guess its Chel’s father that just killed Trasik.

  28. YAAYYY!!! I genuinely thought Chel wouldn’t have the guts to do the obvious. But…. What if Trasik has fast acting nanos?

  29. And I agree with several readers. I don’t think it was Chel.
    Maybe it was Riley.

    1. it could have ben riely didn’t you see him trip

    2. The way she mistreats them, it could have been one of her own dice.

  30. Well neither Chel nor Trasik are players in the game or dice, so presumably anything they do to each other has no effect on the game’s outcome one way or the other.

    It is, however, attempted murder on any planet.

    1. trasik is a player but not peice to be played like lex was

      1. Well thats what I meant…Trasik owns dice, but isn’t a die herself like Lexx is.

        Hey, if Lexx shares a name with a big world-blasting space bug (See the series “Lexx”) then maybe Chel will wind up wearing an orange jumpsuit and acting as a guiney Pig at Aperture Laboratories, testing the Aperture Science Hand-Held Portal Device?

  31. A little more competent than “attempted.”

  32. I can be bribed into updating 5 times next week.

    1. Okay – my bribe is in. Sorry it isn’t more…

  33. Although it has been confirmed I am still surprised that she is permanently dead from this. Does she keep her brain there? Is it poisoned/otherwise more lethal than it looks? It is in fact possible, if you chill someone quickly, to bring a large mammal back hours later, although there is a risk of very server brain damage with current technology[1].

    So, assuming they have quick doctors, it would be possible to bring a human back form worse. They would need a better cooling mechanism, and a set of emergency substitute organs such as a heart and lung machine, or a species specific equivalent, and a lot of replacement blood, and would probably want some drugs to suppress programed cell death. This sort of kit would be necessary to treat any sort of large scale trauma though so it should be present, at least in the right form for the species the owner belongs to, unless all the crew and passengers have nanites like Lexx.

    [1] see “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suspended_animation” for the current state of the art

    1. Originally, the spear tip was filled with poison. I can’t say much more than Littans DO have two hearts, a primary heart and a secondary smaller heart. The question has arisen whether Trasik has any hearts at all… 😉

      1. Physical? Or Metaphorical?

        Or maybe Trasik is actually a hyena with her emotions in her liver instead, so she doesn’t need her heart.

      2. Well, it’s going to take a good explanation given that this is a society with technology capable of giving Lexx the ability to spontaneously grow *wings*. The medical applications of instant organ growth are impossible to understate, and there needs to be a very good reason if medical versions of this technology are unavailable to the super rich (and are only used on quasi-slaves).

        At the very least, unless something destroys the information in her brain that makes her a person either directly or by some form of intervention that prevents her from getting prompt medical care, she should be recoverable. Humans have survived injuries almost as bad with quick response with mere 21st century technology. Death is a process, not a line to be crossed, after all.

  34. As a person who has been kept against his will, Chell’s reaction is NOT surprising.

    The text of this comic hints very heavily that she was stabbed through the back and into the chest; while this is almost nearly fatal in humans, there ARE locations that one could be stabbed through and have a (slim) chance of surviving. But, as others have said, Littan biology may differ greatly or just a touch, so we really won’t know until we get out now VERY much anticipated update…

  35. Murder and killing are not really interchangeable and I’ve just been ignoring its usage because I’m assuming people are not really thinking about how they’re using the words, but I’ve now seen more than one comment of others being a little put off by it, so I guess I should come out and say something. At least for the sake of this occurrence, murder is a premeditated act that is planned and carried out. Killing can encompass just about everything having to do with ending a life, be it accidental or on purpose. Killing CAN mean murder, but murder is more specific.
    I’ll just point out that while Chel has done this out of an emotional response to protect, this is not murder. If Lexx were not in a danger that Chel perceives as possibly ending in his death, she would probably not have responded the same way. Obviously, Riley and Damian, while upset about what is going on, KNOW that he’s not going to die even if Trasik claims him and can not be moved to act. They do run more on logic and facts than emotion, which Chel is more likely to act upon.
    I don’t know about anyone else, but in my case, I’m likely to NOT think about consequences in certain situations that others will think about while there are other situations I might think about the consequences of while another person would just charge in and do something.
    Chel’s been in a situation where she has had virtually NO control over what is going on and now, she suddenly has an opening to control what is going on and not just stand by waiting. Right at this moment, she’s not considering consequences and while in control of her actions, has chosen to do the only thing she sees as an outlet. Of course, she’s going to be a wreck later. 😀 Trasik may be a horrible person, but she was a living person.
    I’ll also note for some of your sanity: Trasik did not kidnap Chel. Chel was brought to her as a gift and she never harmed Chel or forcefully forced her to remain. Chel could not go anywhere, because as Trasik pointed out, she didn’t have a ship and Riley was coming to get her so she might as well stay. Trasik used a lot of words to hold up a bluff, which Chel never tested. If Riley had not drugged Lexx and tried to keep him out of the loop and ANY of them had paid attention… all they had to do was TAKE Chel back. Trasik wasn’t about to do anything that would implicate her as actually breaking a law, but she bluffed to a point that it has dearly cost her… in more ways than you can see in today or tomorrow’s update… next week, you’ll see. 😀 Because there’s a nice big twist next week as well, which I see nobody is expecting.

    1. Oh, guess she also used the kids to control Chel – another bluff.

      1. Well, there are times where you’re a master of unexpected plot twists. 😉

        So Trasik basically aided and abetted a kidnapping then lied her way into her own grave. I kinda feel for her family because they’re going to be hit hardest by the first heir to the family dying by her own machinations. At the hands of a “guest” who happens to be friends of the youngest son of the family. 🙁

        And now that I’ve checked the Shivaewiki, Trasik and Riley’s mother is probably going to be wrathful.

        Even if Trasik lives, I doubt she’ll even be a member of the family anymore. I don’t think she will live, but I’ve already mentioned your mastery of unexpected plot twists.

      2. Oh. Oh my. I think I might know what’s coming now.

      3. Speaking of the kids, who’s going to be taking care of them if Trasik dies?

        I’m a little puzzled be one of her Dice stating that she bought one of them for Lex. After this is all done, could they be heading back to earth with a bunch of the orphans?

        Considering they sound like Trasik already paid for them. Then it sounds like some kind of messed up form of dispersing her worldly possession among family in their case. I would almost think it would be a case of her parents, Riley, or Chel and Lex take them in.

    2. Oh, I won’t say that her actions aren’t possibly morally justified or at least quite understandable, but “murder” is a legal term, and Chel’s actions meet the elements. (IANAL.)

      Murder requires the killing of another person with malice aforethought. The latter term is basically the intent to kill. In many/most American jurisdictions, intent to kill can be formed instantly. For Chel’s actions to be downgraded to voluntary manslaughter, she’d have to show adequate provocation in the heat of passion and a lack of cooling period between the provocation and the attack. Whether Trasik’s actions to Lexx quality or not is something I don’t have the legal expertise to explain.

      However, even with a jury finding of adequate provocation, she’s very much guilty of some form of deliberate homicide and would be facing serious jail time under American law. (I can’t speak of other countries, but I doubt the principles are that different.)

      Chel could have chosen any of dozens of other courses of action to interrupt or stop Trasik’s gloating sadism. Most modern courts would not encourage people to resort to murder by letting her off for something like this. Then again, it’s pretty clear that the space nations in this setting don’t really have advanced codes of rights and law given what people get away with.

      1. Well, in light of today’s strip, intent may be a good bit fuzzier than I thought.
        In this case, it might be negligent homicide. She clearly had the intent to hit her with a deadly weapon, though she may have not thought the blow would be deadly. (Future strips will reveal.)

        Still, to use the pointy end instead of the blunt one does display a certain reckless disregard to whether death might be the result, so voluntary manslaughter is still a possible conviction.

        1. Except this is Litta and their laws are bent to be biased for their emotional females who tend to act more violently in such situations to end threats permanently. Intergalactic laws don’t apply.

  36. Heck, I”m American, and my uncle is a retired assistant warden to a prison. Other than that, all i”ve to base my knowledge of AMerican legal terminology on is crime shows. Judging from what’s going on, and been going on, I believe Chel’s actions -at least in these parts- would more than qualify for justifiable homicide.

    1. I believe here in Texas, the “He needed killin'” defense was still valid not too long ago. 😉 Doing a quick search pops up that it’s still a valid defense, but I could swear it was done away with. 😀

      1. There was an incident here in Texas not too long ago when a waitress shot a purse snatcher six times after he ran off with her purse containing ALL her money for the month. It was a rough side of town and she had a small gun in the purse, resting her hand on it while she waited for her bus. When the guy grabbed her purse, the gun was still in her hand, and she emptied it into him. When asked–by either the judge or the prosecuter, I believe–why she shot him six times, her answer was, “Because when I pulled the trigger the seventh time, the gun just went ‘click’!”
        She won her case.

  37. FINALLY! YES! Someone finally nutted up and SKEWERED that evil harpy!! Hurrah for Chel; fuggin’ AWESOME!

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