I have two people helping put up the text now! Thank you Gelert and mjkj. That takes one thing off my mind. I’m just about to go and pencil three pages of AD so I can get those five updates out next week.

I have also added one piece of reader artwork to the artwork section. That’s another thing I’m going to have to go through my email and put together a few at a time. I know I have a LOT of reader submitted artwork that hasn’t been responded to or posted. 🙁 I’m working on it. It just took me more time to do it in the past than it should now.

Per the suggestion of doing presales on the Stealth toy. That’s a bad idea. Really. I don’t want the money sitting around in my account for months. That’s why I didn’t do presales when I was gauging interest. If things were the same as they were last year at this time, I’d have no problems making up for the shortage of orders knowing it’s an investment and eventually I would sell them all. (I did that often with the pins, because it was close enough for me.) But it’s not like last year. I’m very uncomfortable with doing that because I’ve managed to put myself in a small bind, although almost caught up, with the items I still need to ship out, which will be going out this week.

I really can’t take the risk because I know I have two trips planned in the fall (one convention and one family trip) and don’t want to run into any problems getting to them (or doing the usual prep one has to do when sending their child to kindergarten), so I’m in hyper save-save-anxious-mommy mode. Over the years, we have not been able to make it to the big family gatherings and I want my daughter to appreciate her family and getting together with them over the holidays, unlike me who absolutely hated just about every single moment of family get togethers when I grew up. My husband’s family actually DOES stuff that includes the kids. 😛

No drinking, smoking-pot-secretly-while-‘hunting’ and sitting the kids in front of the tv most of the time near a cigarette filled room. 😛 Good grief, that’s just about all I remember. (Actual present opening and easter egg hunting was fun.)