After a moment, Tairin opened one eye, then the second. Lexx turned his back to her, walking away with his wings twitching. “No. Heal and search for me.” That was all there was to say. Not that he had to say anything. She would undoubtedly come after him once her body finished healing.
“Pyre, Serenity,” Lexx called to them as he took to the air with a powerful flap of his wings. “Let’s go.” The two dice bolted after him, leaving Tairin’s dice to run to her. They would meet again soon, and any break they could get was invaluable.


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Oops and Update

Go me. First I deleted the page where I wrote down all of Lexx’s abilities and what level (not really important) and then I realized that my times were wrong with the days.

Thankfully, Day 30 begins with THIS chapter. I am in the middle of the final scripts and will finish scripting the remaining chapters by the end of this month!

I’m working on the content I’ve been given to improve my writing, which is one of the reasons I delayed a lot. I’m still delaying, however, just going to get the ‘original version’ done and up in the store as books. When I rewrite, I will delete a few things. It’ll be the same story, but polished… with new illustrations. I’m going to spend time thinking up what I’m going to do for the next story, which will NOT TAKE TWENTY YEARS TO COMPLETE. I have the benefit of plotting software now. 😀 Honestly, I know of only one plot hole and will fix that when I rewrite. 😉 For now, we will say that only Vic knew where the island was and he didn’t tell anyone, because he was afraid Chel could get hurt. 😀

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