This is not one of those, I’m done, I quit posts. It’s not. What it is, is just this. I’m NOT burnt out. I’m not. Okay, maybe I am. I don’t know. I still love my work, but I am completely disconnected from it. I have tried everything I can and I’m still sitting down and having bursts of work, then I’m sitting there, time passes and it’s just like there’s nothing between my pen and whatever I’m working on.
Oh, I can write like crazy and I’ve written hundreds of scripts, but I can’t draw in anything but short bursts. It’s very upsetting. I’m sitting in the middle of covid land in Texas. I’ve been in a house of people always around me and I don’t have a private space to work in, with a door.
So I’ve written, and written, and written. Then I began editing and working on writing better (and drawing better, btw, when I can, because I’m still trying to KICK it back into gear. I submitted a book, got an ask for the full manuscript. That is actually good, that one submission equaled a call for the manuscript, but it stopped there, probably because I need an editor to go further.
I put out a request to editors to see what the pricing was like and I received a message back from someone who loved the world and the characters and wanted to help polish it. Someone, who btw, has edited and chosen best selling novels by popular authors. That is special. She is on the high end of editors, but her experience would make her invaluable and erk, I was told a ten day scheduling date and went, oh…. Kaaay…. I was under the impression these things took much longer to get going!
So I am currently at, I need to make a change and I need to polish one book to send to agents, because this one isn’t a just put it on Amazon and see what happens, it’s a, this is the one that needs to be in front of people’s eyes. She offers four packages. Two might as well be millions, because they’re unattainable, that leaves a $1,000 tier and a $2,500 tier. I’m going for the lowest. It’s not a full manuscript read, but her insight and experience would be invaluable and she’s choosy. It will cost me another $1,000 later for a general edit.
At this time—yay covid—that’s even more difficult. So I’m just putting it out there. I need to make a change and open up new avenues. It may be years before I can get it picked up and if it doesn’t, I will go on to publish the entire series of a dozen novels on Amazon and self publish. It’s just that I would like to take the chance to really try to seek traditional publishing first.
So, this story I’m doing is parts and pieces of the Dragonfae things I keep doing in Patreon. This one is the lynchpin that holds the entire universe together starting witha little fairy princess ‘tricking’ a wild Dragonfae prince into being her friend. By tricking, I mean, she leaves him little bundles of treats in the forest with her smell all over them until he begins associating her with the treats. 😀 Why, yes, they do become friends… and stuff happens, lots of cool stuff! I promise you, it’s fun and not your standard fairy story, because these guys live in Texas.
I’m throwing it out there and adding, yes, I am still trying to get my comic work done. I know it’s going to get worse before it gets better. I have to sit on top of my daughter who has been out of the house four times since March. :/ School is NOT going to be fun, because it’s now all at home. 🙁 This is what’s destroying me… but I can still write.
Thank you for reading all that if you got to the end. I’ve stopped mentioning the issues with working, because it’s not going away and I’m just a broken record. I just want to write and create and draw and be left alone for 8 or 9 hours without anyone talking to me. 🙁
– Tiff