This Week and Labor Day Weekend (1 Comment)

Yes, I’m behind.  What’s worse is that I will be traveling to Tennessee over Labor Day Weekend for MFM.  Oh …and I’m in the process of moving my entire work area to half of Kim’s room so we can actually reach our balcony.  I had a huge mess after one of my shelves holding my drawing books collapsed.  I also am having a difficult time finding some of my supplies. :/

This was an unexpected delay on my part.  So for the next two weeks .. check back.  I’m not sure how efficient I’m going to be this week and don’t want to make any promises.  (I’m going to TRY to have updates next week… basically, these two weeks got flipped.  I was going to take next week off, but last week was a bit too busy with Kim getting ready for school.)

After that, I should be REALLY good at updating on time until Thanksgiving. 🙂