“You did this?” Lexx took a step up the hill, marveling at the resistance from the grass that tangled around his shoe in a natural way.
“Zaile showed me how!” Keith beamed proudly.
“Isn’t it amazing!” Chel gushed over Keith in a way that made Lexx feel uncomfortable. She never complimented him like that. “Keiths’ really good with details!” Chel smiled in Keiths’ direction and Lexx felt a strong surge of jealousy begin to wash over his thoughts.


Three updates this week! Not sure about next week. Snow days are going to kill me. Well, ice days. The streets are a solid sheet of ice and so are all the flat surfaces. There were kids playing ice hockey where grass was just a few days before. The stuff doesn’t even break when I walk on it. 😀 I’m going to try NOT to think too much about things and just work. After I upload these, going to do some lettering, then spend the day locked in the bedroom doing pencils.

Laptop situation: Let’s see, so far, offers from obvious scammers and a guy who wanted to give me $350 for a $2,700 laptop. :/ I’m trying to avoid my daily breakdown and since I’m now having daily breakdowns of sheer frustration, I’ll probably order my new laptop in a week or two. Trying to hold off as long as possible, because I simply don’t want to do it until I sell the other laptop, but meanwhile, it’s really affecting my ability to work, which then slows me down even more. Trying to recognize it and stop doing that.

– Tiff