Figuring this out!!  Until I do, the wiki has everything you need!

[cast-page image=1]

.character-lexx {
background-image: url(‘’) top center no-repeat;

.character-chel {
background: url(‘’) top center no-repeat;

.character-vic {
background: url(‘’) top center no-repeat;


Wow.. there’s nothing here as I type this. There WAS data. For the characters page, you’ll need to go here. OR the more direct link, here!

5 thoughts on “Characters

  1. Your Polls Archive leads to a Page Not Found. Just thought you’d like to know! ^_^

    By the way, if you’re open to suggestions: Unless I’m missing it somehow, it would be pretty awesome to have a picture of each character with their names and maybe a description. It would be SUPER awesome to have pictures of the dice, names, and genders! I love to look at characters of a comic and remember characters I haven’t seen in a while; I’m not one to try to change the author’s story, but I do love to reminisce! ^-^

  2. This would be especially awesome right now, considering I have forgotten who (or if we met) most of Lexx’s siblings

  3. yeah. character page.
    apparently there are no people in this story, just figments of my imagination.

  4. Um yeah, sorry to state what everyone else has already said,……. but a character page would be nice. I used to read this comic almost religiously, but then got preoccupied for, like, a year. Now I’m having trouble remembering all of the secondary and tributary characters. I also remember there being a page somewhere that described the alien races and I’m having trouble locating it again. Are the purple aliens with pointy ears in the same race as Lexx?

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