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2 thoughts on “AD 30-04-05

  1. Love your comic. Been reading since 2003. Just had to say that the top panel instantly made me think of Hey Arnold

    1. I’m laughing as I get why. 😀

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Status Update!

Next pages are flatted and ready for shading. However, it’s not going up until next week.

It’s Spring Break.

We got into a minor car wreck which needed documenting and tending to. :/ We’re all fine. I was sore yesterday, but better today so no worries there. Car is driveable but one of my doors isn’t functioning properly.

Walked around the Fort Worth Zoo for a couple of hours. I’m sore. 😀 Enjoying some family time and back to work tomorrow… because….

I am UPDATING Clip Studio Paint from v1 to v2 today, which means installing all my materials and stuff into it, and even if it lets me just sign into my account and set it to automate… it’s going to take hours to download.

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