I’ve been at a writing convention all weekend, during the day. 😀 It’s local so I was able to attend, meet with my awesome writing group, and watch panels for all three days.

That’s…not the reason for the delay.

Two weeks ago, I tried to get an inspection of our house foundation because it had shifted dramatically…suddenly. They came in. Did measurements. Opened the crawlspace access….and would not go much further because there was a lot of standing water under our house. We called a plumber, assuming we had a leak.

It was a sewage leak.

The plumbers wouldn’t take the job and recommended another company. Called other company. They explored and found iron mixed with pvc, which had a failure under our bath room. Sewage under my house and I suspect it’s been that way for a few weeks because my backyard has exploded with green after over a month of over 100 degree days and no rain. There’s literally a path from the back of my house down the middle of my backyard.

Had pipes replaced. Foundation repair people still don’t want to come out. Tell us two weeks. Second set of plumbers recommended a fire and water restoration company. They came in, took measurements of the humidity in the house…noted first: Bathroom floor and hall floor are going to need to come up. That has now expanded to: So your house probably needs all the floors replaced due to the damage from the sewage.

They can’t do that with us in the house.

So that’s where we are right now. Insurance company is involved and looking to relocate us elsewhere until the floors are replaced….

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3 thoughts on “Delays

  1. Uhm… wow. That’s A LOT to put it mildly.
    Wish I had more than sympathies to offer.

  2. At least you have an insurance which seems to be willing to cover the damage.
    Good luck, in hope and faith everything becomes well again!

    1. Yes, I am VERY thankful for that.

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I’ve managed to pencil the next two pages.

As of right now, we got our foundation repaired and have been waiting on insurance. That being said, I spend a ton of time waiting for the phone to ring, watching texts, and being distracted by needing to address everything asap so we can get back into our house, our entirely new to us house once they begin the work on ripping out all the subfloors, replacing all the contaminated wood and walls… the bathroom… and the kitchen… everything.
And on top of that, dealing with an unreliable car which I’d HOPED we wouldn’t have to mess with until cars were sitting in car lots again. :/

Still here, just very distracted and getting nothing done I want to get done.

  • Tiff