My last update was at the start of my house problems. I’ve been updating the progress/lack of progress on Patreon.

We had an incompetent insurance adjuster.

They put us in temporary housing, which was nice as dealing with insurance was a chore of constant delays where the adjuster was in over her head and couldn’t keep up. This blew up at the end of January when she dragged her feet in approving our housing extension. We were notified with less than 24 hours notice, that we had to leave the property, with NOWHERE to go. That’s with two dogs, three cats, and my autistic daughter. That was a nightmare.

The adjuster vanished.

Thankfully, ALE (The housing coordinators) got us into an extended stay hotel the next day. That’s where we are now. All of my equipment is in storage and has been. I have my laptop and that’s it.

The good news is that we have a new adjuster who is more eager to get through this, but basically, we’re starting from scratch. Most of the repairs have been approved. The floors were removed down to the beams and plywood is down. They tore out sections of the water damaged walls and removed asbestos. Right now, waiting on plumbing to be done so our wonderful contractor can get everything BACK in our house.

We are moving forward, it’s just taking time. :/

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  1. And while we wait, I keep diligently coming to check and giving you views. I’m sorry you had a s*** adjuster. Owning a house is awesome until it isn’t, huh?

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I’ve managed to pencil the next two pages.

As of right now, we got our foundation repaired and have been waiting on insurance. That being said, I spend a ton of time waiting for the phone to ring, watching texts, and being distracted by needing to address everything asap so we can get back into our house, our entirely new to us house once they begin the work on ripping out all the subfloors, replacing all the contaminated wood and walls… the bathroom… and the kitchen… everything.
And on top of that, dealing with an unreliable car which I’d HOPED we wouldn’t have to mess with until cars were sitting in car lots again. :/

Still here, just very distracted and getting nothing done I want to get done.

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