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Day 24 Part 2

“But your parents hate “The Game” as much as we do. Why are they allowing this to happen?” Damian persisted, trying to understand. “I have no idea.” Riley shrugged. “My father is trying to go through ‘proper’ channels, but it hasn’t worked.” Riley shook his head thinking about his parents and their odd decisions and decisions to stick with a course that had not worked in the past. “Just like old people to follow rules made by greedy people who benefit the most from them.” Damian nodded slowly. “Love my parents, but they can be slow.”

4 thoughts on “Day 24 Part 2

  1. Yes, Riley is busy building his armored bulldozer, starting with a 2500 HP gas turbine engine.

  2. I sent a check #5848 to your PO Box to arrive Feb 04, but it hasn’t been cashed yet. Maybe you should go check it.

  3. Damnit. I lost the game.

    1. Shadow Fox Kitfox

      let’s just hope that Lexx doesn’t 😛

      … or that if he does, it’s THAT game he’s playing, not the one he is playing now.

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