“It’s good.”  Lexx smiled, dipping the spoon back into the bowl.

Lexx lifted the bowl and he began eating the soup like he had never eaten food before, which was partially true, since he had not had food like this and the rich flavor made him immediately want more. “Very good.”  His grin widened and he was suddenly feeling open to try to the salad next.


Meanwhile, not far away, in another mostly empty room, the dice were in the process of enjoying a dinner of their own, that they had chosen.  Stealth growled, trying to grab as much raw meat as she could out of the metal bowl that had been placed before her.  She wasn’t sure what it was, but it was red and smelled heavily of fresh blood.  There were hunks of darker reddish brown liver mixed into it and Stealth couldn’t get enough of it into her mouth, so she growled with every bite, daring the other dice to come near and try to take any of her delicious food.

Sirius and Serenity were busy with bowls of their own, full of small silvery fish that were just big enough to be a mouthful.  They ignored Stealth, daintily dipping their muzzles into their bowls and picking up the fish one at a time.  They swallowed them almost without chewing.  Tiny silver scales were scattered all over their muzzles.

Swiftpaw was busy eating the only cooked meat among them, a roasted chicken, carefully deboned, with cooked carrots and potatoes.  The fox had specifically asked for food he was NEVER allowed to have rather than something he was more likely to get in the future.


Whew.. another week and the text has been caught up!  It DID NOT fall behind for a month!  Woohoo!! Progress!  There are THREE updates this week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday and they are all larger slices!

Kim returns to school on the 26th, and the week after this week, I will be taking off to do nothing but entertain her and play games with her. 😀  (I’m a little jealous right now that our Tax Free Weekend was topped off with a trip to JC Penney where hubby and Kim got new clothes and I got NOTHING. 🙁  Which is odd, since I don’t normally care about getting new clothes.  I work from home afterall.  But a nice new pair of jeans would’ve been nice. )

There will not be any updates the week after next that are story updates, but regular updates continue the week after.  I will also begin putting together the first graphic novel.

– Tiff