Lexx scowled, thoughts stampeding through his head, ‘First Damian, now Claudia?! What did I do to deserve this?!’

Claudia strode forward a sway in her walk and a tilt to her head, obviously in full flirtation mode much to Lexx’s disgust. Not that she was bad to look at. Claudia was Lexx’s height and had a mass of dark purple hair that cascaded in a multitude of ringlets down her back to the back of her knees. For the moment, she had brown skin and was wearing the latest fashion of clothing for the discriminating dice player. Turquoise and black with the shoulders and a little bit of the arm showing. A gold band was wrapped around the sides of her head, with matching ear tips to decorate the tops of her pointed ears.

Beside her, hopped a light brown and white creature that closely resembled a small kangaroo. It’s head came up to her hips and it had black spots across its head and back. Around its neck were a pair of golden collars, more for adornment than to excise any control. The creature had a fairly serious look on its face compared to its mistress.

“You act surprised, Lexx, Dear!” Claudia bounced forward,… a bit too much bounce for Lexx’s comfort and then she was all over him as usual, “I told you we’d meet again!”

“It’s barely been two weeks, Claudia!” Lexx tried to squirm away, slumping forward to release Dig. If he could at LEAST keep her hands off him. Claudia was far worse than Damian, because while Damian was touchy, he was not nearly as invasive as Claudia, whose hands wandered. Casual touch was bad enough.

“Yes!! It’s been a long time, way too long to be apart!” Claudia grinned at Lexx; seemingly not aware of how uncomfortable she was making Lexx.

Chel stared, her jaw dropping in embarrassment FOR Lexx. ‘Whoa,…’ She’d seen girls like this before in high school and a few in college, but not this close. She wondered if perhaps, she should leave Lexx to handle her on his own, even though he looked like he needed help. ‘Maybe I should go,.. uhm,.. for a walk or something.’

Lexx felt his panic level slip into level one, reading the look Chel was giving him and noting her take a step back. ‘Don’t you dare leave me alone with her, Chel! NO!!!!!! Hear me!! I’m desperate!’ For the moment, he really did want Chel to hear him and not abandon him to this particular alien. There was no telling what she might do if they were alone. He’d had enough trouble fending off Claudia’s advances on previous encounters. Most of the time, the dice helped him get out of these situations, although Zeta’s last approach left much to be desired. It had shocked Lexx to see out of the corner of his eye, Zeta, in his full level 6 form lifting his leg on the hem of his coat.