‘Why do I bother asking? I already know the answer.’ Lexx sighed, not wanting to look.

“Yes,…” Epsy lowered her head, looking ashamed and speaking very lowly. “Down my throat.” She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, showing that the dice was not in her mouth.

“Forget the dice,” Stealth shivered, the fur along her neck and shoulders sticking up in annoyance. “Tag Drift so we can all get somewhere warmer!!” Lexx looked back at the two to see that Stealth had the smaller dice pinned beneath one forepaw. He was still struggling and clacking his beak. Too bad this dice was essentially useless. He had a lot of courage,… but no fighting ability.

Lexx knelt to retrieve Drift, not wanting to even look at Epsy. Mischief had vanished and was nowhere to be seen. Stealth settled on her haunches, ears backed flat against her skull. Chel walked cautiously beside her, wondering if she would be as unpredictable and fearsome as Dash was. A cat the size of a tiger was almost as scary as a real tiger. Especially considering how often they would swipe at you or bite without any provocation at all.

Stealth tilted her head to one side and bumped her muzzle against Chel’s arm, making a chirping sound to get her attention. “Behind my ears.” She purred, flipping them forward. Chel grinned and reached down to rub the large cat’s ears.