“We knew we wouldn’t have to contact you, so we waited here.” Mel grinned. “The luggage tag was as good as calling you to come home.”

“I’m not the one to set up anything.” Chel did not want to be any kind of mediator. Why couldn’t they just leave her alone to do what she wanted? It wasn’t like she was doing anything wrong. They weren’t hurting anyone. She didn’t have anything better to do this summer. “They aren’t harming anyone, Look … I want you to meet …” Chel glanced at Energy. Several names had run through her head, but one stuck out prominently. It was perfect for him, because it seemed like such a wise name and a fitting constellation for anyone to be named after. “Sirius. He’s one of them.”

Energy gave Chel a long look and a grin spread across his muzzle. She had given him his name. And he liked it.