Stealth squirmed in Chel’s arms, eyes closing as she stated in a knowing voice, “Don’t EVEN consider it, Chel!”

“Is it dangerous?” Chel inquired of both, more of the cat than Lexx. She could probably trust her more than the alien peeping tom.

“Chel, NO!” Stealth protested louder, ears flipping back to rest flat against her skull.

“Not for you, no. You can just watch,…” Lexx considered how he should answer that. Better to work the boredom angle than the dangerous one. He wanted her to see just how boring it could be. Danger might scare her off completely and then he would have to figure out yet another way to get the cat, one that could possibly end up causing problems with his game, especially if Stealth were angry with him for hurting the girl, even by accident.

“How long?” Chel gathered her thoughts, asking the simple questions first. She considered for a moment, perhaps this is how people were actually abducted by aliens. They were talked into it. She didn’t really feel in any danger from Lexx. He hadn’t attempted to hurt her even though he had the chance and judging by his build, was more than capable of wrenching the cat from her arms if he wanted to. Besides, there was that side of Chel that also considered,… this could be something amazing that she could experience. Something that nobody else got to do, meet an alien, go to his ship, see this game in action.

“It takes about a day for each dice, so,… forty-eight days, with a few breaks.” Lexx calculated it quickly. He’d done it so many times before, surely this time would take less to get them all. Then he wondered if it was a good idea to tell her that. Maybe he should’ve told her it’d take longer.

Chel set her jaw and spoke quickly, “Ok. I’ll regret this later, I’m sure, but not everyone gets an opportunity like this! I’ll go.”

Stealth sighed in her arms, tilting her head up to look at Chel. “You have NO idea what you’re getting into, Chel.”