Fly was waiting. He leaned over a branch and smiled at Stealth, “Back so soon?” Not waiting for Stealth to get close enough to answer, he flipped backwards and extended his paws. The squirrel’s body flattened and a gust of wind caught him, forcing the loose flaps of skin along his sides to stretch and catch it enough to drag him aloft like a kite.

Stealth wasn’t about to be left on the branch, she snarled and pounced for the squirrel. He tried to evade her, but with a tail almost four times the length of his body, he couldn’t get out of the way in time. Stealth’s forepaws grabbed and slide through the thick black fur on Fly’s tail, sinking into skin and holding.

“LET go!” Fly squealed, “You’re throwing my balance!” He floundered in the air, pain shooting from where Stealth’s claws were embedded.

“That’s the point!” growled Stealth, holding on for dear life.