Lexx leapt backward, easily remaining focused on his opponent. She wasn’t fighting to her fullest. He could tell. She was holding back. He was curious about why she’d thought it necessary to link to him. That was unusual. Normally, one didn’t use the relay in the middle of battle.

‘Side 8, fly, illusion, plasma, strength, wind, far sight, speed and change. Use it wisely.’ Her voice echoed hauntingly through Lexx’s mind, but her mouth did not move in reality. She had a strange smile on her face. It sent chills through Lexx. Something wasn’t right about her. It was like she wasn’t all the way there.

‘I do not want to hurt you.’ Lexx responded quietly over the relay. ‘I don’t,’

‘You will have no choice, Shira Lexx.’ She snapped at him. ‘Soon,.. Biste will activate the ring. He cheats. I do not end these battles on my own.’
She sighed, her relay self dropping to her knees as though exhausted. ‘I will not be the one fighting you. I will be gone and unable to control what occurs. You will be fighting only the dice code. Remember that it’s only code. It’s not me. I won’t feel anything. Do what you have to, I will not see you into Trasik’s hands. She is far worse to her dice than her brothers.’

Lexx was silent and they stood facing each other, standing off in both realms. ‘I don’t want,’

‘YOU don’t want this. You don’t want this!’ The Rishan arose, swinging her arms up. ‘You are still free! I’m just a toy to them, it’s far worse to actually be captured. The things I’ve seen them do to their captured dice.
I’ve been traded back and forth and none of my masters have treated me well! They either ignore me or abuse me. Lexx, don’t let them catch you! Don’t let them, it will drive you insane, I should know.’