It was so quick; Lexx didn’t even feel it happen. Razor sharp daggers closed around his right wing, just above his shoulder, neatly severing most of the bone and skin, then with a fierce jerk of its head, the beast ripped the wing the rest of the way off. There wasn’t even time to register pain until Lexx saw the spray of blood arcing in the air and the limp form of his wing dangling from the beasts jaws. They snapped once, further crushing the wing, and then the creature dropped it and turned back to Lexx, bloodied jaws spreading.

“Light!” Lexx yelled, willing himself to remain upright and not give in to the wave of cold that iced through his veins. The moment the word was uttered, lightning flared all around. It was the brightest light that Chel had ever seen and the bolts were arcing so close she could feel the hair on the back of her neck rise with the static.

With a screech, the dice withdrew its head, swinging one heavily clawed forehand to shield its eyes.