“Lexx is ticklish too, by the way,…” Riley stopped tickling her after a few minutes and leaned against Chel’s back. Chel was too busy catching her breath to try to get away, even though Riley was making her uncomfortable again. His right arm was wrapped around her waist. His left hand was playing with her hair. “Although, he puts up more of a fight.”

“You’re letting him drag you down, Chel.” Riley murmured in Chel’s ear. “I get the distinct impression that you are a happy young woman. Why don’t you stop being so afraid of offending Lexx?”

Chel swallowed uncertainly. Riley really was pushing it, to the point that chills were prickling up her spine.

“At this rate,.. I’m going to be old and decrepit by the time I get to plan your wedding!!” Riley’s voice lifted playfully, resting his chin on Chel’s shoulder.

“Hey!!” Chel shifted away and was relieved that Riley didn’t try to stop her. ‘What are you-“