The dice didn’t fall as close as Chel had hoped. She started to lean forward to pick them up and throw them again only to be stopped by Stealth. “Wait until they stop glowing, they know Epsy and Zeta are in the area battling, you don’t have to be near them for the modifiers to take effect.”

Chel scooped up the dice after a moment, not wanting to lose any of them, thinking the entire time, ‘I hope this works! I really hope this works!’ Then she got up to follow Stealth closer to the fight.

Epsy ran through the modifications, Ice Wind, always her favorite. There was just one problem. Zeta was holding onto Steel’s head, between his antlers, afraid to let go. There were already numerous scratches in his already crimson fur and every time he tried to move, he cut himself again on the razor sharp antlers. If he let go, Steel would step on him so for the moment, there was nothing that would convince him to unwedge himself.

“Move, Zeta! You’re going to get icy!” Epsy squeaked, looking for a good spot to hit Steel from.

“Zeta.. ip” The sallomandyr yelped as Steel tossed his head, trying to free himself of the added weight, which shifted Zeta to the side enough to cut his shoulder. “No care, FREEZE! Zeta need help now!!”

“Let go!” Steel lowered his head and tried to rub Zeta off on the jagged rocks.